Soul Care

The past few years have been filled with challenges and difficulties, from the risk of COVID-19 to its various lockdowns and restrictions; from the protests of the summer to the election to the events of January 6, and then the long-drawn effects from all this. Underneath the headlines and debates, underneath the health-department orders and tweet storms, has been a steady stream of human suffering, specifically in the forms of: anxiety, depression, hopelessness, sadness, substance abuse, and death.

Health professionals are pivoting because of this crisis. Several changes have been implemented in the delivery of mental health and substance use services since the onset of the pandemic, including the utilization of telehealth, steps to improve access to treatment for opioid use disorders, expansion of school-based mental health care, and the rollout of the 988-crisis line.

It is always the call of the church to enter the fray and provide care to the wounded and hurting. There is a long trail of hurt, struggling, confused, and isolated image-bearers. Anxiety, depression, suicide (considered or attempted), financial hardships, anger, marital discord, and relational tensions are seemingly at all-time highs, even among Christian families.

There are two aspects of the Soul Care program at Christ Church.

Soul Care training is designed to equip Christians to counsel others in order to bring God’s healing from deep wounds, God’s freedom from evil’s captivity, and gospel transformation through repentance and faith. In order to give help to members of our church and community, you must go through a specific and intensive training process. If you would like more information on becoming trained to lay counsel others, please see the Soul Care–Giving Help page.

Soul Care is also intended to be a lay counseling program for members of our church and community. Care goes beyond the walls of Christ Church; anyone seeking lay counseling is welcome to receive it; simply see the Soul Care–Receiving Help page to begin the process of being connected to a trained Soul Care lay counselor.

For more information on Soul Care at Christ Church, please contact Pastor Duane Otto, DMin, MDiv, MAC.