New Here?

Welcome to Christ Church! We're so glad you are here. So, you've been attending Sunday mornings and are wondering how to navigate all that's going on?! It can feel quite overwhelming; God is at work in our congregation. We've had several recent staff changes, we're finishing up a four-year construction project, and there are a few hundred people milling about on any given Sunday moring. It's a lot to take in! 

How Do I Get Involved?

We would love to see you and your family involved in our ministries here. We have some core ministries that you can join to really find community, grow in teaching, and enjoy fellowhsip and service. Joining any one of these core ministries will give you a solid foundation as you learn about Christ Church and begin to belong, grow, and give here. 

What Are the Core Ministires?


The "k" stands for koinonia (koy-no-nee-uh), which is the Greek word for "fellowship." It can be difficult to make meaningful connections on a busy Sunday morning. kGroups are the primary way that people get involved at Christ Church, and they help foster deeper relationsips with other members of the body in a smaller, more intimate setting. Join a kGroup to meet a small group of people, fellowship in a member's home, and discuss Sunday's sermon. Many groups are offered. There is no generational or life-stage distinction; you are free to join any group! 

Please contact our Executive Director, Michelle Kupferschmid, to learn more and for help in finding a kGroup that meets your needs.

Bible Studies

We have women's and men's Bible studies that run throughout the course of the school year. Our Bible studies are designed to allow and encourage people to join at any point during the year. Newcomers are always welcome. There is both a morning and evening offering for the women (childcare is offered during the morning session); the men meet every other Thursday evening.

Please contact our Executive Director, Michelle Kupferschmid, to learn more and for help in finding a Bible study that meets your needs.

Young Adults

If you fall into that post-college young adult age group, we have a thriving young adult ministry here. This ministry intends to bring people in a similar season of life together for prayer, teaching, worship, and fellowship on a consistent basis. This is an excellent place to meet many young adults, both single and married.

Please contact our Ministries Director, Jonny Smart, for more details on this ministry.

Campus Outreach (CO)

Given our proximity to several local college campuses, we warmly welcome all students from a variety of parachurch ministries. However, we are closely aligned with and enthusiastically support Campus Outreach, with many of their staff being members here at Christ Church, receiving both spiritual mentoring and training from our church leadership. God is doing wonderful things in the hearts of college students in our town and we are blessed to come alongside CO to raise up the next generation of Christians impacting the world for Christ and his glory. 

Please contact the CO ISU Director, Joe Calio, for more information on how to get involved with this ministry.

Christ Church Youth (CCY)

If you have junior or senior high students (6th–12th grade), you don't want to miss out on our youth ministry, CCY! This is a fantastic, growing ministry. Students have many opportunities to make wonderful connections, enjoy fellowship, and learn biblical truths that apply to their season life and specific challenges. We have a committed, fantastic volunteer team dedicated to encouraging gospel transformation in the lives of our youth.

Please contact our Ministries Director, Jonny Smart, for more details on this ministry.

Soul Care

Our Soul Care Ministry exists to answer the call of the gospel to enter the fray of human brokenness and suffering in our current mental health crisis. Soul Care offers lay counseling care to the wounded and hurting. There is a long trail of hurt, struggling, confused, and isolated image bearers. Though our hope is in Christ, believers are not exempt from anxiety, depression, suicide (considered or attempted), financial hardships, anger, marital discord, and relational tensions. 

At Christ Church, you can either receive Soul Care lay counseling, or go through a program to be equipped to serve others in this significant way. 

Please contact Pastor Duane Otto, DMin, MDiv, MAC, for more information on getting involved to serve or to receive help for yourself or a loved one.

Sunday Morning Children's Ministry

Sunday mornings are a busy time for the littlest ones in our church body! We offer Sunday School classes for elementary-age kids, pre-k through 5th grade. These classes are before the worship service; the same time as our adult Foundations Hour class. We also offer a Children's Church class during the worship service. Children ages 4–7 begin in the church service with their family. During service, they gather up front for prayer and are dismissed with the volunteers to be taught an age-appropriate Bible lesson.

Please contact our Children's Ministry Director, Jackie McBurney, for more details about various offerings for children.

How Can I Be "In the Know?"

God is doing much here, and it can quickly feel overwhelming with all the various ministries, events, classes, and service opportunities! The best way to learn and understand all that is happening at Christ Church is by doing the following two things.

  1. The Connection: Learn about opportunities through our weekly email newsletter, The Connection. This newsletter details all the upcoming events, opportunities, and ministries, along with contact information if you'd like to learn more. Please contact our Office Administrator, Erica Miller, to be added to this mailing list.

  2. Church Center App: Engage in opportunities through the Church Center app. We use a free app designed specifically for churches called Church Center. This is available in the app store for both iPhone and Android devices; simply download the app and it will walk you through prompts to select Christ Church as your home church. This is where you will be able to sign up for opportunities, view our church calendar of events, give donations, and much more. Please contact our Executive Director, Michelle Kupferschmid, for any help with app-related questions.

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