Belonging to the Body of Christ

Membership at Christ Church is a blessing in three ways: 1) belonging to a church family matters, 2) you declare your commitment to others publicly, and 3) you are cared for by pastors and elders. Membership is biblical, and understood in the metaphor of “the body of Christ” with members who share a deep sense of belonging to the body. We belong together. To publicly declare a commitment of love and service to one another is a rare jewel these days, and to truly know you are cared for by the kind oversight and watchful concern of God-appointed “shepherds” in charge of “sheep” implies a privileged-depth of security against Satan’s devices.

Becoming a Member

The process begins with expressing interest and taking our Discover class. The class covers a range of topics from our foundational beliefs to the life of our community.  After the class, you will have an interview with two pastors or elders. New members say membership vows at the end of scheduled worship services.

Contact the office about membership at Christ Church.