Legacy From Christ

Legacy, besides being a legal term for money or property bequeathed to another by will, also has the rich spiritual meaning of a godly heritage handed down from an ancestor or predecessor. It comes from the Latin term legatia, which means to depute, bequeath the ultimate value of one’s life—influence, inheritance, title, and gifts—to one’s successors.

This class addresses the main question of, "What has God given and done in and through me, and how shall I tell others?"

Without a clearer sense of how our life speaks the gospel and how stepping into eternity is gain, we fail to leave the kind of legacy that blesses the next generation. When we examine our life, we can see ways in which God sovereignly reverses our tragedies for a reason; for other's to hear our story of gospel transformation! Our God is one who loves great revearsals, to the praise of his glory.

Additional questions asked in this class include:

  1. How has God blessed my life? Have I raised my stone of remembrance and said, “Here, I raise my Ebenezer?"
  2. What are some of the challenges I'm experiencing as I grow older? What has my message been about these challenges to others?

  3. What are my thoughts about old age in light of the bible valuing this as a good thing?

  4. What does it mean for me to suffer well?

  5. What practical wayscan I serve as a sage who is available to the next generation?

  6. Have I considered how I have more ability to influence in my last season life than an ability to contribute like the first three seasons of spiritual formation? How do I want to use my influence to communicate the gospel on my “last lap?”

In this class, we will also begin a “farewell discourse” by writing all that God has deposited in your treasury (5 best memories, some major gifts, and meaningful experiences that you want family and friends to know and benefit from). How have you been blessed by God? How shall the next generations benefit from  your life message?

This class explores, in depth through the scriptures, teaching, various articles, and class participation, how to end well.