Sunday Services: 8:30 a.m. & 10:00 a.m.

Foundation Hour: Currently cancelled due to Covid Pandemic

Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry of Christ Church seeks to encourage and equip women to know Christ, to think biblically, use their gifts, and embrace their identity as women in Christ as they live covenantally and extend God’s kingdom in their lives, homes, church, and throughout the world.

Our desire is to serve women with a ministry that is God centered, staying close to God’s word and plan. We also want to be Grace Centered, that is, to cherish the gospel as God’s answer for our brokenness and sin as we proclaim the truth. So as to cultivate grace and truth into our lives, we seek to live it out through a loving community, affirming and encouraging one another in our callings. Lastly, with renewed hearts and relationships, our hope is to join with Jesus Christ in extending love and compassion to the hurting and discouraged women.

Womens Bible Study SP21_Slide

 The Women's Bible Study will continue January 19th & 20th!  We will meet in person Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings at the Youth House. A group will also meet online Wednesday evenings. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, there will be no childcare available at this time. SIGN UP HERE. We hope that you will join us. This is a great way to stay connected to the women of Christ Church and the Word!

2021 Prayer Walk_slide

Join us this Saturday, January 16th from 1:00PM - 2:00PM to pray for revival. This outdoor guided prayer walk is open to all women of Christ Church. This event will happen outside the Youth House. Upon arrival first stop at our "Welcome Table" to receive your prayer guide + join a small group to pray with OR begin praying as an individual. Bundle up, bring a hot beverage and enjoy a brief time of praying together followed by a time of fellowship. Please be conscious of COVID guidelines and use a mask when needed.
A Spotify playlist has been created by the Women's Ministry Team to enjoy at home or to listen to while you participate in our prayer walk this weekend - enjoy!
NOTE: If you are unable to attend this event but would still like the prayer prompt markers to have for your own please contact Krista Kuniyoshi
Sunday January 17: this event will be informally open to all of Christ Church. It will take place outside of the Youth House - see prayer prompt markers. All are welcome to participate at their leisure before or after church. See the Prayer Walk Guide PDF for instructions. Please be conscious of COVID guidelines and use a mask when needed.