Sunday Service: 8:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

Foundation Hour: 10:00 a.m.

Sonshine Ministry

Our Sonshine ministry provides flowers and/or meals for individuals and families experiencing major life changes. Some examples include births, deaths, adoptions, illnesses, and other difficult circumstances. This ministry is an opportunity for our churchbody to support and encourage one another through flowers or food.

Sonshine is comprised of our in-house flower arranger, a meal team of 6 coordinators who each complete a 2-month rotation during the year, and approximately 70 volunteers who make meals and deliver food as a helping ministry to our church family.

New people are always invited to join as coordinators or volunteers. If you have a heart for caring for others or a passion for cooking, Sonshine ministry would be a wonderful opportunity.

  • Meal Coordinating takes approximately 5 hours each month and involves monitoring the prayer chain, contacting persons in need, creating a signup schedule on, and sending out an email to volunteers.
  • Volunteers receive emails about opportunities to serve and can sign up as they are able. We are currently building a list of volunteers who would be willing on occasion to deliver a batch of meals from the freezer or flowers from the church as needed (no cooking involved!).

Sonshine uses the online application. To find a schedule, enter the last name of the person receiving the meals and the password "sonshine" (no quotation marks).

If you, or someone in our church family, is experiencing a time of need, illness, upcoming move, a surgery or some other time of trial. It's our desire to love and serve our church family in times of need. To volunteer as a coordinator, volunteer, or to deliver goods, please contact Julie at