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Foundation Hour: Currently cancelled due to Covid Pandemic

Global Missions

God’s goal in creation and redemption is our missionary goal because our God is a missionary God.

We want to be involved in kngdom work by being a congregation who is aware of the world and those who don’t know Jesus. We support missionaries who are located around the world and stateside through finances, prayer, and long-term caring. Throughout the year, we spend time concentrating on the global task, the need, and our response. We realize that by God’s hand we are in Normal, Illinois, and can be faithful to love parts of the world we’ll never see with our own eyes. With the resources we have, we desire to be involved in the gospel spreading to all peoples!


As Christmas approaches, we want to bless our missionaries living overseas by giving them words of encouragement and showing our love and thankfulness through cards and small gifts for Christmas. Please see each missionary's wish list in the church foyer for specific items to purchase. Please note that all lists may not be available today. Please check back next week for more lists. We will make the lists available as we hear back from our missionaries. Thank you for remembering our extended family, especially during the holidays. Deadline to give is mid-November. Contact Bethany Ficks at 309-212-6334 for more details.