Sunday Services: 8:30 a.m. & 10:00 a.m.

Foundation Hour: Currently cancelled due to Covid Pandemic

Covid-19 Policy

May 19th, 2020

As we look to reopen in the coming weeks, the session has approved this outline as for how we will look to grow our current ministries as we seek our trajectory toward normal. As confessional Reformed people, we will continue to follow the desires of our civil magistrate as long as we are allowed to continue rightly worshipping our Lord and will seek to meet the needs of our congregation throughout.

While gatherings of 10 people or fewer allowed – we are currently allowed this

  • This will likely be through latter June/early July
  • We will continue to worship predominately online
  • Changes to consider – finding ways to connect:
    • Let’s encourage families to worship in each other’s’ homes (as they feel comfortable)
    • Create smaller KGroups for summer meetings and host outdoor kgroups (for those comfortable)
    • We are debating some form of Foundation Hour, still
    • As summer moves on, please some get-togethers with smaller people counts.
  • June 21 -> we will host a post service drive-thru Lord’s Supper and connection time. We will institute the elements in the service and invite people to come and partake. All three pastors will serve the elements (in prepackaged cups) to each vehicle, greet, and answer any questions.

While gatherings of 50 people or fewer allowed

  • We will continue all the parts from Phase 3 amending with these changes
    • g, KGroups could grow to their normal sizes if people wanted
  • This will likely begin sometime in July and continue for months so this might shift as we go.
  • We will continue streaming for people who want to do so for health/conscience reasons
  • How we will do on-site worship
    • We will limit our service on-site to 50 (if allowed, we will add a second site ate Youth House)
    • We will use an RSVP system to keep ourselves within the 50 allowed
    • There will be no FH or Nursery
    • We will continue to encourage social distancing (sanctuary will be changed accordingly)
    • We will require the use of masks – those on stage won’t use them on stage
    • We will provide sanitizers
    • We will use our “shorter liturgy” for 2 reasons
      • Singing has been discouraged (we need to decide how we will address)
      • With more kids in service, shorter is better
    • Offering will be given by a box in the back as opposed to passing the plate
    • July 26th ->Lord’s Supper will be by elders to people (again prepackaged elements) and we will host a table post service for people who attended stream to come and partake (this will recur every 2nd Sunday until we reach phase 5)
    • Bulletins will remain digital (limiting hand touch items)
    • We will host a group in the sanctuary and youth house (and see if we’d be allowed to do so in the MPR) – about 80 people/service
    • We will disinfect used areas between services
    • We will remove common items (bibles and hymnals) that would need to be cleaned if used
    • Greeters:
      • They will hold doors for people
      • Provide answers for questions


May 15th, 2020

Members and Friends of Christ Church, PCA,

Greetings in Christ! We continue to pray that you are all well. We are continuing our current plan for Covid19 closure through May 31st in accordance with the State authorities. That said, we are making plans for what services will look like as we move into Phase 3 (Lord willing in June) and Phase 4 (Lord willing in June!). We hope to post some info on that soon, but until then, know that this policy remains in place. We love and miss you all!

First, we want you to be aware that we are seeking to protect the health of our congregation as well as our larger community. Here are a few of the ways we hope to do this:

  • -Starting, Sunday, March 15th through May 31st, we are cancelling all building use except for staff and relevant meeting of less than 10. Staff will continue to self-quarantine, if needed.

  • -We will be starting online Sunday Morning worship services through the closure on May 31st. These will stream at 10:00 am and are found on YouTube. Please subscribe. We will also be posting links on the Website, Facebook, and through the connection.

  • -We will also be doing mid-week updates as on opportunity to continue to connect and provide a sense of normalcy during these abnormal days. Let us know if you have questions you would like addressed in this times.

  • -We will work earnestly to disinfect all our surfaces to limit virus exposure of those who use the building.

  • -KGroups, since they are small groups and meet in homes, are left up to the leadership of the KGroups as to cancellation or meeting. If leaders have questions, please contact Pastor Tim.

  • -Any changes to this throughout the crisis will be amended and sent out on Thursdays and placed on the Website, through Facebook, and sent out on the connection and prayer lines.

  • -Here’s how you can help:
    f you become aware of part of our community that is sick with Covid-19, please contact Pastor Tim so we can reach out to them.
    Be in prayer overall. That we would continue to be the church to each other and those outside the church during this time where are aren’t physically connected.                                                               
    Keep Informed:

    We continue to trust in a loving and good Father who will take care of his people, the Son, who continues to intercede for us, and the Spirit who still unites us to Christ and each other even when we worship on YouTube.

    In Christ,
    Christ Church Session